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The story of the enigmatic character going by the 'nom de plum' Oerfil is as fantastic as it is tragic. Born in the second half of the last century in a sleepy suburb in Sweden, few would have guessed at the terrible yet extraordinary fate this man was to stumble into. At one point in the late 80's (the exact date is still debated), the young Oerfil's school class went on a field excursion to the Yverälven Astronomical Laboratory a few miles outside of Stockholm. Officially, the laboratory merely acted as a radiotelescope and metereological research station, but unknown to the public, the East wing of the facility was operated jointly by the Swedish Signals Intelligence (FRA) and Military Intelligence (MUST) services. As chance would have it, this section of the laboratory was on this particular day about to execute the final stage in "Projekt Raggarpuls", something which would forever alter Oerfil's world.

The details on this project are sketchy at best, but investigative journalists have managed to salvage some small bits and pieces from public archives; enough to put together a vague outline of its sinister nature.

The foundation for Projekt Raggarpuls was laid down by MUST and the Swedish Defence Commitee (Försvarsutskottet) during the later 70's as a scheme to ensure Swedish dominance in the 'space race' of the later cold war. The project was to gather all mainstream popular broadcast media, and send it via a high energy pulse into the van Allen Belt, a powerful magnetic field around the Earth. Here it would in turn reflect back, and saturate 'near space' with images of everyone from Swedish media celebrities such as Ingvar Oldsberg and Lennart Hyland, to 'dansband' music and episodes of Teknikmagasinet. This was meant to ensure that all space farers, astronauts and cosmonauts alike, would be sympathetic towards Sweden and Swedish culture.

However, on the day of activation, the very day that Oerfil was visiting the Yverälven facility, something went horribly wrong. Theories as to the exact nature of the error diverge, but the effect remains the same regardless. For some byzantine reason the energy pulse bounced in the upper levels of the atmosphere, and instead of saturating the van Allen Belt it was deflected straight into the head of young Oerfil.

Since that day, he has been cursed (or blessed, depending on how you see it) by the endless cacaphony of the concoction of sounds and images that made up Operation Raggarpuls. Some say it drove him across the edge of insanity, others say it transformed him into an unprecedended boy genius. Ever since, he has been producing terrifying, yet mesmerizing, music-like sounds, doubtlessly to release the pressure of the pandeamonic bedlam in his head.

Written by hairminator.com