Monolog X


Monolog X is a neo-gentleman and a composer of 'sonic fiction in the key of Acid'.

"Jesus, Johan...who'd want to make 'acid house'? That's so played out. I'm disgusted.Your songs all suck particularly hard. Do not continue. " - Steve Shaw

Maybe Johan Eriksson-Degerlund should have followed his friend Steve's advice,but as a result of not doing so, he became Monolog X: a composer of Sonic Fiction In The Key Of Acid. He graduated from the Birmingham Conservatoire in the UK in 2007 with a first class degree, so he is obviously a middle-class-wanker. His mustache is his ever so faithful companion. Together they explore the landscape of acid territory and try to re-territorialize it somehow. Monolog X is not a 'smiley face'. He is a 'porno-tashed face' from the arctic circle with plenty of recreational time to spend on vintage synths and drum machines. However, this he does very well. According to himself he produces contemporary entertainment and he calls it Sonic Fiction In The Key Of Acid!